What is Thai Massage?

shivagoAccording to Thai folklore, Thai Massage dates back to the time of the Buddha, in the land of India. A hermit and healer emerged from his cave and became the physician for the Buddha and his Sangha (community of monks and nuns). This Doctor’s name was Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, presently popularized as Dr. Shivago Komparaj. Dr. Shivago would accompany the Buddha and his Sangha as they would travel throughout the land delivering dharma (teachings) to the lay people. He performed bodywork on the Buddha to help him to stay healthy on his extended travels. He would teach this form of bodywork, along with herbal remedies, proper nutrition and meditation to the monks and nuns. IMG_0923As Buddhism made its way to Thailand, so did this form of healing. Over the years, the Buddha’s teachings got somewhat lost in India, yet became popular and prevailed in the land of Siam (present day Thailand), and so did Nuad Bo Rarn, now translated as “Traditional Massage.”

History of Thai Massage